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Hybrid Inverter
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10kw hybrid inverter 10kw
10kw hybrid inverter 10kw
8kw hybrid inverter 8kw
15kw hybrid inverter 15kw
12kw hybrid inverter 12kw
20kw hybrid inverter 20kw

ES On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter 8Kw 10Kw 15Kw 20Kw 25Kw

Input Voltage: 48/96/192/240VDC | Output Voltage: 220/230VAC±2% | Solar Charging: MPPT | Max PV Open Circuit Voltage: 150/300/450/500VDC

1 : Hybrid inverter incorporate both on-grid+off grid+energy storage functions.

2 : Cut peaks and fill valleys to reduce power grid pressure and maximize profits.

3 : Dual MPPT input, Maximize the use of solar energy.

4 : RS485/APP (WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring).

5 : Source factory, accept OEM/ODM.

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on off grid hybrid inverter 20kw 12kw 15kw 8kw 10kw hybrid inverter



On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter Model


Xindun ES series on off grid hybrid inverter have different appearances and sizes according to different power and voltage. Please check the figure below to find the model you need. Different models, same good quality. Large inventory. OEM production. Can silk screen print your logo.


▼On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter 3kw/5kw 48v

3kw hybrid inverter 5kw


▼On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter 8kw/10kw 96v

10kw hybrid inverter 8kw


▼On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter 12kw/15kw/20kw/25kw 192v/240v

15kw hybrid inverter 20kw



About On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter

ES on off grid hybrid inverter is a product that integrates both on-grid and off-grid functions. When electricity price is low, the power grid charges the batteries through the hybrid inverter. When electricity price is high, the hybrid inverter sends electricity to the power grid. Battery power is also fed to the power grid in case the load demand is met. The use of on off grid hybrid inverter not only reduces the power consumption pressure, but also obtains economic benefits. When the power grid fails, the on-grid mode of the hybrid inverter stops working, and it automatically switches to the off-grid mode. The solar energy continues to generate electricity to provide uninterrupted power for the load, and the remaining solar energy is stored in the batteries for emergencies.

The on off grid hybrid inverter system gives priority to the use of solar energy in any working mode, and when the solar energy is insufficient, it can be supplemented by the grid or batteries. When the solar energy is in excess, it can be stored in the battery or sent to the grid, which can be used for self-use or sent to the power grid to maximize the use of solar energy resources.

The on off grid hybrid inverter has a built-in high-efficiency MPPT solar controller to achieve maximum power point tracking technology, and this on off grid hybrid inverter is compatible with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries and other battery types. Both AC and solar energy can charge the battery, which can prolong the service life of the battery.


12kw hybrid inverter - on off grid in one inverter12kw hybrid inverter -dual mppt input

15kw hybrid inverter - cut peaks and fill valleys8kw hybrid inverter - wifi and gprs



On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter Datasheet

Hybrid Inverter Parameters
Model: ES 30248 50248 80296 10396 153192 203192 253240
PV Input Max input voltage(Voc)
(At the lowest temperature)
150V 300V 450V 500V
MPPT tracking range 60V~120V 120V-240V 240V-360V 300V-400V
Recommended operating voltage range 60V~80V 120V-160V 240V-320V 300V-380V
MPPT route number 2
Max input power 1960W/1960W 3360W/3360W 5000W/5000W 6150W/6150W 8.8KW/8.8KW 11.2KW/11.2KW 14KW/14KW
Battery Type of battery Lead-acid battery / Lithium-ion battery
Rated voltage 48V 96V 192V 192V 240V
Max charging current
(Can be set,Recommended 0.1C)
Float voltage(Can be set) 55.2V 110.4V 220.8V 276V
Charge voltage(Can be set) 56.8V 113.6V 227.2V 284V
Charging method 3-stage/2-stage
AC Input Rated voltage 220V/230V
Input voltage range 187V~264V
Rated input frequency 45Hz~55Hz(50Hz) / 55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
Islanding Protection ≤2S
Reconnection time 30S
AC output
 (off grid mode)
Rated output power 3KW 5KW 8KW 10KW 15KW 20KW 25KW
Rated output voltage 220V/230V
Output voltage accuracy ±2%
Rated output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output frequency accuracy ±1%
AC output
 (on grid mode)
Rated output power 3KW 5KW 8KW 10KW 15KW 20KW 25KW
Rated output current 13.6A 22.7A 36.4A 45.5A 68.2A 90.1A 113.6A
Output voltage 187V~264V
Output frequency  47~52Hz/57~62Hz
Power Factor >0.99(Rated power)
Protection Output short circuit Yes
Over load Yes
Over-voltage/under-voltage Yes
Over-frequency/under-frequency Yes
Over temperature Yes
Island protection Yes
Regular Parameter Topology Transformer isolation
Display LCD+LED
Communication(Optional) RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
Operating temperature -10℃~60℃(Derating above 45°C)
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Noise ≤60dB
Relative humidity 0%~95%(No condensation)
Highest altitude 2000m(More than derating)
Machine dimension(L*W*Hmm) 592*380*265 550*380*675 620*380*825
Package dimension(L*W*Hmm) 650*435*290 610*440*800 680*440*950
N.W(kg) 36 45 70 75 128 134 140
G.W(kg) 40 49 80 85 140 146 152
Installation Method Wall-Mounted Tower
Note: All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice



How to Use On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter


The on off grid hybrid inverter converts the DC power generated by the solar energy into usable AC power, provides a stable power supply for the load, and can also be stored in the batteries as a backup power source. Or through power grid and generators, power is provided to loads and can be stored in batteries. And hybrid inverter can send excess electricity generated by solar energy to the power grid. Using Xindun's on off grid hybrid inverter, you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply anytime, anywhere, day and night.

how to use hybrid inverter 10kw



On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter Case


The on off grid hybrid inverter of Xindun Power have been widely used, such as large data centers and some commercial centers, etc. Of course can also be used in some small places such as homes and offices. In recent years, more than 100 hybrid solar system projects of Xindun Power have been put into global use. Especially in Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America, it has a lot of cargoes. 


20kw hybrid inverter case

10kw hybrid inverter case



On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter Company


Since the company's founding in 2006, Xindun Power Company has grown to a staff of more than 280 individuals, including more than 30 senior engineers in R&D and design, more than 100 factory producers, more than 80 sales and promotion staff, and more than 30 after-sales technical service staff. More than 10 international warehouses have been established to provide a sufficient supply of on off grid hybrid inverter, and our backup power systems and solar power systems have been sold and promoted in more than 80 nations and regions.


12kw hybrid inverter company in china



On Off Grid Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer


A reputable Chinese manufacturer in the solar energy industry is called Xindun Power. Our manufactory is 10,000+ square meters in space. Also, we have the capacity to produce 10,000 inverters per month, and we may export hybrid inverter and solar systems for up to 80% of our yearly revenue. Inverters, solar controllers, batteries, solar panels, hybrid solar systems are among the goods we manufacture and design.
All of our on off grid hybrid inverters are accessible with OEM/ODM, and we can create unique inverters that meet specific customer needs in terms of voltage, power, visual design, and other unique technical specifications. Moreover, we offer free setup plans and drawing designs. Feel free to ask !


15kw hybrid inverter manufacturer



Inverter Patent Technology Certification


Additionally, Xindun company, and our hybrid inverters, solar inverters, and solar systems have several patent certificates and quality assurance system certifications, including CE, IEC, TUV, TLC, CCC, 3rd party test report and ISO9001: 2015.


8kw hybrid inverter certification



Global Expo for Inverters and Solar Systems


Our hybrid inverters are shown at international solar & power expo practically every year as a high-quality inverter manufacturer in China, drawing a large number of clients to discuss inverter technology and ultimately sign a collaboration agreement.

Welcome to Xindun Power's distributor program for inverters sold abroad.


10kw hybrid inverter company in solar expo



Customer Feedback


"Good product." "The quality is good, and I sell well in Japan." "The company's after-sales response is very fast."
Inverter technology innovation has long been a priority for Xindun Power, which consistently updates and improves its technology. We look forward to working with you to advance and grow the market!


8kw hybrid inverter feedbackhybrid inverter 20kw feedback


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