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3 Phase Inverter
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three phase solar inverter
three phase solar inverter
three phase inverter price
three phase hybrid inverter
dc to three phase ac inverter
three phase hybrid solar inverter
three phase hybrid solar inverter packaging

HDSX DC To Three Phase AC Hybrid Solar Inverter Price 4KVA-8KVA

Input Voltage: 48/96/192VDC | Output Voltage: 380/400VAC±2% | Efficiency: ≥85% | Type: Off grid three phase solar Inverter pure sine wave

1 : Off grid three phase inverter pure sine wave, can be used as ups power supply.

2 : Three phase hybrid solar inverter built-in mppt controller optional.

3 : Inverter can charge the agm/gel/opzv/opzs/lifepo4/li ion battery and communicate with the lithium battery.

4 : RS485/MOBILE APP(WIFI&GPRS) remote monitoring.

5 : Three phase inverter price is competitive.

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three phase hybrid solar inverter price - dc to three phase ac inverter


Introduction to Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter


This page shows HDSX series three phase hybrid solar inverter, power from 4kva to 8kva, 3Kw-6Kw, DC 48V/96V/192VDC to three phase AC 380V/400V inverter.

Three phase inverter supports three-phase unbalanced loads, triple peak power, and pure sine wave output. Wide anti-interference range of input voltage, suitable for harsh power grid environments such as high temperature, cold, and humidity. And complete output protection functions, with overvoltage, overload, overheating, short circuit, overcurrent protection functions.

Xindun, a manufacturer supply competitive three phase inverter price. If you need 10kva-200kva three phase solar hybrid inverter, please click here.



Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Display & Wiring


Black color, resistant to dirt. Of course, you can also spray paint the colors you like. Can screen print your trademark. The inverter internal use square transformers to ensure safe and reliable. Optional built-in mppt solar controller. The following is a schematic diagram of the wiring of a three phase solar hybrid inverter. If you purchase the inverter from Xindun, we can also provide detailed wiring diagrams for specific solar panels, batteries, and combiner boxes, etc.


three phase solar inverter

three phase solar inverter wiring


Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Datasheet


Because we are an inverter manufacturer with our own research and development team, we can flexibly provide you with special voltages, power, and function customization.


Three Phase Inverter Specification
Model: HDSX 32248/96/192 48248/96/192 56248/96/192 64248/96/192
Rated Power 4KVA/3.2KW 6KVA/4.8KW 7KVA/5.6KW 8KVA/6.4KW
Peak Power(20ms) 9.6KVA 14.4KVA 16.8KVA 19.2KVA
Start Motor 3HP 4HP 4HP 4HP
Battery Voltage 48/96/192VDC
Size(L*W*Hmm) 565*300*775
Packing Size(L*W*Hmm) 625*360*895
N.W.(kg) 65 73 75 80
G.W.(kg)(Wooden Packing) 78 86 88 93
Installation Method Tower
Three Phase Inverter Parameter
Input DC Input Voltage Range 10.5VDC-15VDC(Single battery voltage)
AC Input Voltage Range 380Vac/400Vac±10%(customized 190Vac/200Vac)
AC Input Frequency Range 45Hz-55Hz(50Hz)/ 55Hz-65Hz(60Hz)
Max AC charging current 0-45A(Depending on the model)
AC charging method Three-stage (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
Phase 3/N/PE
Output Efficiency(Battery Mode) ≥85%
Output Voltage(Battery Mode) 380Vac/400Vac±2%(customized 190Vac/200Vac)
Output Frequency(Battery Mode) 50/60Hz ±1%
Output Wave(Battery Mode) Pure Sine Wave
Output waveform distortion Linear load≤3%
Efficiency(AC Mode) >99%
Output Voltage(AC Mode) Conforming to AC input
Output Frequency(AC Mode) Conforming to AC input
No load loss(Battery Mode) ≤2.5%  rated power
No load loss(AC Mode) ≤2%rated power( charger does not work in AC mode)
No load loss(Energy saving Mode) ≤10W
Phase 3/N/PE
Battery Type VRLA Battery Charge Voltage :13.8V; Float Voltage:13.7V(Single battery voltage)
Customize battery Charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be customized according to user requirements
 (charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be set through the operation panel)
Protection Battery undervoltage alarm 11V(Single battery voltage)
Battery undervoltage protection 10.5V(Single battery voltage)
Battery overvoltage alarm 15V(Single battery voltage)
Battery overvoltage protection 17V(Single battery voltage)
Battery overvoltage recovery voltage 14.5V(Single battery voltage)
Overload power protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Inverter output short circuit protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Temperature protection >90°C(Shut down output)
Alarm A Normal working condition, buzzer has no alarm sound
B Buzzer sounds 4 times per second when battery failure, voltage abnormality, overload protection
C When the machine is turned on for the first time, the buzzer will prompt 5 when the machine is normal
Inside Solar controller
Charging Mode MPPT or PWM
Charging current PWM: 10A-60A(48V System); 50A/100A(96V System); 50A(192V System)                             
MPPT: 10A-100A(48V System); 50A/100A(96V System)
PV Input Voltage Range PWM:  60V-88V(48V System); 120V-176V(96V System); 240V-352V(192V System)
MPPT:  60V-120V(48V System); 120V-240V(96V System); 240V-360V(192V System)
Max PV Input Voltage(Voc)
(At the lowest temperature)
PWM:  100V(48V System); 200V(96V System); 400V(192V System)
MPPT: 150V(48 System); 300V(96V System); 450V(192V System)
PV Array Maximum Power 48V System: 560W(10A)/1120W(20A)/1680W(30A)/2240W(40A)/2800W(50A)/3360W(60A)/4480W(80A)/5600W(100A);
96V System: (PWM: 5.6KW(50A)/11.2KW(100A)) / (MPPT: 5.6KW(50A)/5.6KW*2(100A));
192V System: 11.2KW(50A)
Standby loss ≤3W
Maximum conversion efficiency >95%
Working Mode Battery First/AC First/Saving Energy Mode
Transfer Time ≤4ms
Display LCD
Thermal method Forced air cooling
Communication(Optional) RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
Environment Operating temperature  -10℃~40℃
Storage temperature -15℃~60℃
Noise 2000m(More than derating)
Elevation ≤65dB
Humidity 0%~95% ,No condensation
Note: All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice



Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Case


Xindun Power's off-grid three phase solar hybrid inverter is widely praised by customers at home and abroad. The three phase solar inverter system that has been put into use has helped customers successfully solve the power problem and provide a strong backup power supply. After 16 years of development, the three phase hybrid inverter technology of our engineers has made a qualitative leap, and we always keep the latest technology updates at the forefront. Our dc to three phase ac inverters are becoming more and more intelligent and portable. Welcome to be our super partner!

three phase hybrid inverter applicationthree phase hybrid inverter case



Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Company


Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd. has spread to hire more than 280 people since the business was formed in 2006. This number includes more than 30 senior engineers in R&D and design, more than 100 factory producers, more than 80 sales and promotion officials, and more than 30 after-sales technical assistants. Our three phase solar inverter and off grid solar systems have been branded and pushed in more than 80 countries and regions, and more than 10 international warehouses have been set up to provide a sufficient supply of hybrid solar inverters.


dc to three phase ac inverter company in China



Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Manufacturer Supplier


A reputable Chinese manufacturer and supplier in the renewable power industry is called Xindun Power. Our factory is 10,000+ square meters in area. Also, we have the capacity to produce 10,000 inverters per month, and we may export hybrid inverter, solar inverter and off-grid solar systems for up to 80% of our yearly revenue.
All of our inverters are available with OEM/ODM, and we can offer unique three phase solar inverters that meet specific customer needs in terms of voltage, power, unique appeal, and other unique technical specifications. Moreover, we may offer free setup plans and drawing designs. Make sure to contact the top inverter manufacturer and supplier!


dc to three phase ac inverter manufacturer supplier



Three Phase Solar Hybrid Inverter Productive Process


dc to three phase ac inverter production process



Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverters Certification


Additionally, our solar inverters, power inverters, and solar power systems have several patent certificates and quality management system certifications, including CE, IEC, TUV, TLC, UL, CCC, and ISO9001.


dc to three phase ac inverter certification



Inverter World Expo


As a leading manufacturer of three phase hybrid solar inverters in China, we exhibit our products at international solar energy events almost every year. This attracts a lot of clients who discuss inverter technology and ultimately sign a partnership agreement.

Welcome to the distributor program for solar inverters run by Xindun Power abroad.


dc to three phase ac inverter world expo



You May Like About Three Phase Inverter


1.How DC is converted to AC in a three phase inverter?

An oscillating circuit is used to generate a pulsating DC current of a certain frequency, and then a transformer is used to convert this current into the required AC voltage. The dc to three phase ac inverter simultaneously generates a three-phase AC voltage with a phase angle of 120 degrees offset from each other.


2.What is the price of three phase hybrid solar inverter?

The price of three phase hybrid solar inverter depends on the specific needs of customers, including inverter power, voltage, current, the number of controllers and batteries, etc., or other special customization requirements. If you want to know the specific price, please inform our sales of your requirements and obtain specific customization plans.


3.How to pick a right three phase solar inverter manufacturer?

An excellent three phase solar inverter manufacturer needs to possess the following advantages: leading research and design technology, strong production capacity, years of experience in the solar industry, and high-quality after-sales service. Xindun Power Manufacturer has more than 16 years of industry experience, and our products have been sold to more than 80 countries worldwide, fully possessing the advantages mentioned above. Welcome to become our partner.


HDSX 3 Phase Inverter User Manual
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