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Split Phase Inverter
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dual output inverter
dual output inverter
dual output solar inverter
solar power inverter with dual ac output
solar inverter with dual ac output

LF Dual Output Solar Power Inverter 1KW-6KW

Input Voltage: 12V/24V/48VDC | Output Voltage: 110V/120V/220V/240VAC±2% | Efficiency: ≥85% | Type: Off Grid Pure sine wave inverter dual voltage output

1 : Split-phase dual output L1-L2, L1-N, L2-N can be customized for customers in Central and South America.

2 : Support mains power, generator, solar energy to charge batteries.

3 : Pure sine wave low frequency inverter, compared with high frequency inverters, low frequency inverters operate more stably and reliably.

4 : Support RS485, WIFI, GPRS communication port optional.

5 : Support OEM appearance, color, logo, parameters, package, etc.

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About Dual Output Inverter


The dual output solar inverter, often referred to as the split-phase dual output inverter, is a remarkable innovation in the world of solar energy. This advanced inverter is designed to provide unmatched flexibility and adaptability in meeting diverse power requirements.
The standout feature of this solar power inverter is its ability to generate dual distinct AC voltage outputs simultaneously, making it ideal for regions with mixed voltage standards. It can produce both 110V/220V and 120V/240V outputs concurrently, allowing you to power a wide range of appliances and equipment without the need for additional transformers or converters.


solar power inverter with dual ac output


As lithium batteries become more and more popular in the market, Xindun dual output inverters have also been updated for several generations. Now our solar power inverters are compatible with a variety of battery types, including commonly used lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. Users can customize battery parameters through the inverter function buttons


dual output solar inverter compatible with lead-acid battery and lithium battery



Dual Output Inverter Details


Inverter Exterior:

Our dual output inverter seamlessly blends elegant design with robust construction to meet the demands of various applications. Its exterior design is crafted to harmonize with diverse environments, be it on residential rooftops, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities.

Modern Casing: The thoughtfully designed casing is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a contemporary aesthetic. Its appearance is clean and stylish, complementing a variety of architectural styles.

Compact Dimensions: Our dual output inverter boasts a compact form factor, occupying minimal space, making it suitable for installations in constrained areas.

User-Friendly Interface: The device is equipped with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and control its performance. A clear display screen and intuitive button design provide a straightforward user experience.

dual output inverter exterior


Inverter Interior:

Not only is the exterior impressive, but our dual output inverter also showcases remarkable internal engineering. Its internal design is engineered for high efficiency and reliability.

Advanced Electronic Components: Internally, it features high-quality electronic components, including advanced control boards and stable power modules, ensuring efficient energy conversion.

Intelligent Cooling Design: The inverter's internal intelligent cooling system effectively dissipates heat, ensuring stable operation across a range of temperature conditions.

Safety Protections: Multiple layers of safety protections, including overload protection, overvoltage protection, and short-circuit protection, ensure the device operates safely under various circumstances.

Maintenance Accessibility: The internal design takes into account ease of maintenance, facilitating more efficient and cost-effective repair work.


dual output inverter interior



Dual Output Inverter Specification


Model :LF 10212/24/48 15212/24/48 20212/24/48 30224/48 40224/48 50248 60248
Rated Power 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW 6KW
Phase Type  Single phase L-N ;  Split phase can be customized L1-L2,L1-N,L2-N
Standard Battery Voltage 12/24/48VDC 24/48VDC 24/48VDC 48VDC 48VDC
Battery Type Lead-acid / Gel Battery / Lithium Batteries / Custom battery
AC Input
Rated Input Voltage 110VAC/120VAC/220VAC /230VAC/ 240VAC
AC Input Voltage Range 85VAC~138VAC(110VAC)/ 95VAC~148VAC(120VAC)/ 170VAC~275VAC(220VAC)180VAC~285VAC(230VAC)/ 190VAC~295VAC(240VAC)
AC Input Frequency Range 45Hz~55Hz(50Hz),55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
AC Output
Output Wave / Conversion Efficiency Pure Sine Wave/>85%
AC Output Voltage / Frequency Range(INV mode) L1-N/L2-N: 110VAC+2%; L1-L2: 220VAC+2%
L1-N/L2-N: 120VAC+2%; L1-L2: 240VAC+2%
Built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Optional)
Rated Current 30A 60A 80A 100A
PV Array Max Power 12V(420W)/24V(840W)/48V(1680W) 12V(840W)/24V(1680W)/48V(3360W) 4480W 5600W
Max PV Input Voltage(Voc)
(At The Lowest Temperature)
12V/24V system:120VDC;48V system:180VDC
MPPT Tracking Voltage Range 12V System(15V-80V)/24V System(30V-100V)/48V System(60V-140V)
Protection  Battery undervoltage protection/Battery overvoltage protection/Overload power protection/Inverter output short circuit protection/Temperature protection
Protection Degree IP20
Display LCD
Cooling Method Cooling Fan in Intelligent Control
Communication Interfaces RS485/RS232,APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)Optional
Working Mode(settable) Battery priority / Mains priority
Operating Temperature -15℃~40℃
Relative Humidity 0%~95% , No Condensation
Dimensions and Weight
Product Size(L*W*Hmm) 500*300*140 530*335*150
Packing Size(L*W*Hmm) 550*365*223 610*400*233
N.W.(kg) 12 13.5 18 20 22 24 26
G.W.(kg) 13.5 15 19.5 21.5 24 26 28



Solar Power Inverter Wiring Diagram


Connecting your off grid solar power inverter is a straightforward process that ensures you harness solar energy efficiently and power your appliances and devices even when the grid is unavailable. In addition to split-phase dual output, this inverter can also have single-phase output.


dual output solar inverter wiring diagram



Inverter Application


Here are some countries and regions where dual voltage output inverters are used:
In North America countries like the United States and Canada, both 110V and 220V voltage standards are prevalent, especially in residential and commercial settings. Some islands in the Caribbean may have mixed voltage standards due to historical influences, tourism, or diverse electrical infrastructure. Of course, Xindun LF series solar power inverter can output 110/120V/220V/230V/240V AC voltage and is widely used around the world.

dual output solar inverter application



A Trusted Inverter Manufacturer Xindun Power


Our solar power journey began in 2006, and over the years, we have accumulated invaluable experience that sets us apart. We've witnessed the evolution of solar technology and have continuously adapted to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our longevity reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence. Our solar inverters, power inverters, dual output inverters, single-phase inverters, and three-phase inverters are breaking through sales volumn every day.


dual output solar inverter company


Quality is the cornerstone of our manufacturing process. We implement rigorous quality control measures at every stage of inverter production, from sourcing raw materials to the final product inspection. This unwavering commitment to quality assurance has earned us the trust of customers worldwide.


dual output solar inverter manufacturer


We are proud to be all kinds of certified, a testament to our adherence to international  standards. ISO certification reflects our rigorous quality control processes, CE certification shows that our products are safe and harmless, Various honor certification ensuring that Xindun company consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.


dual output inverter certificate


Xindun's global solar exhibition presence has been a testament to our commitment to excellence in the solar energy industry. With nearly two decades of experience, we have consistently showcased our cutting-edge innovations and reliable solar power solutions on international platforms.

From North America/Central America to Europe, Asia, and beyond, we have actively participated in major industry events, fostering valuable connections with partners, customers, and experts worldwide. These solar exhibitions have provided a platform to demonstrate our state-of-the-art technology, including dual output inverters and off-grid solutions, tailored to meet the diverse energy needs of regions with varying voltage standards.


xindun global solar exhibition

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