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Solar Charge Controller

The function of solar charge controller is to adjust the charge and discharge current of the solar power generation system, which is equivalent to the water tap used to control the amount of water.

PWM v MPPT which is better? According to the use effect, the mppt solar charge controller is better. The mppt charge controller has solar maximum power point tracking technology, and the power generation efficiency has increased by 20%. But with the same voltage and current, mppt solar controller price will be higher than pwm charge controller. Xindun's suggestion is that if it is a low-power solar power generation system (below 1Kw) with low requirements, the pwm solar charge controller is the most cost-effective. If it is a high-power solar power generation system (above 3Kw), use mppt controller.

Xindun pwm v mppt controller are both available for sale, please see the product display below. If you have a favorite solar controller appearance, you can also send it to us, we will provide you with customized production if you have a batch demand.

Wonder2 MPPT Solar Regulator 12V 24V 48V 10A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A 80A 100A

Type: MPPT | Rated Current: 10A/20A/30A/40A/50A/60A/80A/100A | Rated Voltage: 12V/24V/48V | Max Solar Input Voltage: 120V-180V
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Wonder1 MPPT Solar Panel Charge Controller Price 12V-384V 10A-100A

Type: MPPT | Rated Current: 10A/20A/30A/40A/50A/60A/80A/100A | Rated Voltage: 12V/24V/48V/96V/192V/216V/240V384V | Max Solar Input Voltage: 150V-800V
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KY1 PWM Solar Power Charge Controller Regulator Price 12V-48V 10A-60A

Type: PWM | Rated Current: 10A/20A/30A/40A/50A/60A | Rated Voltage: 12V/24V/48V | Max Solar Input Voltage: 50V/100V
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KY1 PWM Solar Panel Regulator Battery Charge Controller 96V-384V 50A-200A

Type: PWM | Rated Current: 50A/80A/100A/150A/200A | Rated Voltage: 96V/120V/192V/384V | Max Solar Input Voltage: 200V-750V
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Xindun Power : Solar Charge Controller Factory in China


mppt solar charge controller factory price


What is solar charge controller factory price? Xindun China has 17 years of R&D and production, 10,000 sqms factory of mppt charge controller and pwm charge controller. The first-hand source of goods, provides lower solar charge controller price and sufficient profit margins for solar distributors and traders. Become a solar sales partner with Xindun Power, you will get: Considerable product profit; The latest product information, convenient marketing tools and professional technical support; Starting a solar sales business as easy as possible.