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inverter 24v to 110v
inverter 24v to 110v
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power inverter 12v to 120v
power inverter 12v to 110v

DA Low Frequency Power Inverter DC 12V 24V to AC 240V 220V 120V 110V 1000W-6000W

Input Voltage: 12V/24V48VDC | Output Voltage: 110V/120V/220V/230V/240VAC±2% | Efficiency: ≥85% | Type: Low frequency Pure sine wave Power inverter

1 : Pure sine wave low frequency inverter dc to ac.

2 : Compatible with LiFePO4 batteries and agm batteries and gel batteries.

3 : Reliable backup power supply.

4 : RS485/APP(WIFI or GPRS remote monitoring)

5 : Can print your logo with low MOQ

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low frequency power inverter dc 12v 24v to ac 240v 220v 120v 110v



About DA Series Low Frequency Power Inverter


Xindun DA series low frequency power inverter is a pure sine wave output that can carry almost any load and expand the load range. It is fully controlled by the central processing unit (CPU), with fully automatic and intelligent switching. The switching time is ≤ 2 milliseconds, which can protect your computer server from restarting the slow start function in the event of a power outage. Even if the load is heavy during startup, it will not damage the device and your load. Our inverter has high-performance processing CPU control technology, providing superior performance; Ultra wide input voltage range, high-precision output, fully automatic voltage stabilization. Many people are most concerned about safety issues when using electrical products. Our low frequency power inverter has short circuit protection. When your load is short-circuited, the inverter will display a fault and lock the machine and self-protect the equipment. Overload protection: When overloaded, the low frequency power inverter will prompt you and automatically delay locking the machine, thereby protecting the equipment from damage.

xindun inverter dc to ac

china xindun inverter dc to ac

xindun inverter 12v to 240vchina power inverter 12v to 220v



How to Use Low Frequency Power Inverter 


The problem of correctly connecting the positive and negative electrodes when using a low frequency power inverter is the most basic method of use, and the positive and negative electrodes will also be clearly marked on the low frequency power inverter, so this is a very simple matter. Moreover, the environment where the low frequency power inverter is placed should also be kept dry and ventilated, especially not in contact with rain and explosives. Also, when using the low frequency power inverter, do not cover it with other things. The interval between two consecutive starts should preferably be more than 5 seconds, which makes it less likely to cause the low frequency power inverter to burn out. Moreover, everyone must remember that when using the low frequency power inverter, it is not allowed to turn on the low frequency power inverter for operation, otherwise danger may easily occur. If you want to connect it to a battery, you should also be careful not to have other metal substances on your hands, otherwise short circuits can easily occur and cause harm to your body.
Although these are all minor issues, do a good job of these precautions. Perhaps your low frequency power inverter will have a much longer service life and higher efficiency than others' low frequency power inverters.


how to use inverter dc to ac 220v



Low Frequency Power Inverter Technical Specification


Xindun DA series 1000w - 6000w low frequency power inverter dc to ac includes:
1.When the DC voltage is 12V: power inverter 12v to 240v, power inverter 12v to 220v, power inverter 12v to 120v, power inverter 12v to 110v.
2.When the DC voltage is 24V: power inverter 24v to 220v, power inverter 24v to 240v, power inverter 24v to 120v, power inverter 24v to 110v.
The principle for configuring storage batteries for low frequency power inverters is that the voltage of the storage battery must be the same as the input voltage of the low frequency power inverter. Battery configurations are more flexible, both lead-acid and lithium batteries are ok, and the larger the battery capacity, the longer the continuous use time.


Low Frequency Inverter Specification
Model DA 10212/24/48 15212/24/48 20212/24/48 30224/48 40224/48 50248 60248
Rated Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W
Peak Power(20ms) 3000VA 4500VA 6000VA 9000VA 12000VA 15000VA 18000VA
Start Motor 1HP 1.5HP 2HP 3HP 3HP 4HP 4HP
Battery Voltage 12/24/48VDC 12/24/48VDC 24/48VDC 24/48VDC 48VDC
Size(L*W*Hmm) 485*262*181 525*292*206
Packing Size(L*W*Hmm) 580*310*240 620*340*265
N.W.(kg) 16 18 20 24.5 29 32 35
G.W.(kg)(Carton Packing) 18 20 22 26.5 32 35 38
Installation Method Wall-Mounted
Low Frequency Inverter Parameter
Input DC Input Voltage Range 10.5-15VDC(Single battery voltage)
AC Input Voltage Range 85VAC~138VAC(110VAC) / 95VAC~148VAC(120VAC) / 170VAC~275VAC(220VAC) / 180VAC~285VAC(230VAC)
/ 190VAC~295VAC(240VAC)
AC Input Frequency Range 45Hz~55Hz(50Hz) / 55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
Max AC charging current 0~30A(Depending on the model)
AC charging method Three-stage (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
Output Efficiency(Battery Mode) ≥85%
Output Voltage(Battery Mode) 110VAC±2% / 120VAC±2% / 220VAC±2% / 230VAC±2% / 240VAC±2%   
Output Frequency(Battery Mode) 50/60Hz±1%
Output Wave(Battery Mode) Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency(AC Mode) >99%
Output Voltage(AC Mode) 110VAC±10% / 120VAC±10% / 220VAC±10% / 230VAC±10% / 240VAC±10%   
Output Frequency(AC Mode) Follow input
Output waveform distortion
(Battery Mode)
≤3%(Linear load)
No load loss(Battery Mode) ≤2.5% rated power
No load loss(AC Mode)  ≤2% rated power( charger does not work in AC mode)
No load loss(Energy saving Mode) ≤10W
Battery Type VRLA Battery Charge Voltage :14.2V; Float Voltage:13.8V( 12V system; 24V system x2 ; 48V system x4)
Customize battery Charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be customized according to user requirements
 (charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be set through the operation panel)
Protection Battery undervoltage alarm Factory default: 11V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery undervoltage protection Factory default: 10.5V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage alarm Factory default: 15V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage protection Factory default: 17V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage recovery voltage Factory default:  14.5V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Overload power protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Inverter output short circuit protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Temperature protection >90°C(Shut down output)
Alarm A Normal working condition, buzzer has no alarm sound
B Buzzer sounds 4 times per second when battery failure, voltage abnormality, overload protection
C When the machine is turned on for the first time, the buzzer will prompt 5 when the machine is normal
Working Mode Battery First/AC First/Saving Energy Mode
Transfer Time ≤4ms
Display LCD
Thermal method Cooling fan in intelligent control
Communication(Optional) RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
Environment Operating temperature -10℃~40℃
Storage temperature -15℃~60℃
Noise ≤55dB
Elevation 2000m(More than derating)
Humidity 0%~95% ,No condensation
Note: All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice



Low Frequency Power Inverter Installation


Wall-mounted or horizontal installation optional. The low frequency power inverter can be equipped with high-power appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and microcomputers, etc.

installation of inverter 12v to 120v



Low Frequency Power Inverter Packaging


The low frequency power inverters of Xindun Power are subject to online quality inspection by customers during the production process. Our low frequency power inverters are safely packaged and shipped after strict production procedures. We choose a fast, safe, and affordable transportation method to ensure that our low frequency power inverters are safely and undamaged and delivered to customers. And we will provide installation drawings and technical guidance to ensure that customers correctly install and use low frequency power inverters to solve power consumption difficulties.


packaging of power inverter dc to ac



Low Frequency Inverter Company


Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, and our team has grown to over 280 people, including over 30 senior engineers in R&D and design, over 100 factory producers, over 80 sales and promotion staffs, and over 30 after-sales technical service staffs. Our low frequency inverters and backup power systems have been sold and promoted in more than 80 countries and regions, and more than 30 warehouses have been set up overseas to ensure an adequate supply of low frequency inverters.

As a high-quality low frequency inverters manufacturer in China, our low frequency inverters are displayed at international power exhibitions almost every year, attracting numerous customers to discuss inverter technology together, and ultimately reaching a cooperation agreement.

Welcome to become an overseas inverters distributor of Xindun Power.


power inverter 12v to 240v - xindun company

inverter 24v to 220v - xindun chinainverter 12 to 220v - xindun company


Low Frequency Inverter Factory


Xindun Power is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier in the solar energy industry. Our factory has 10000+sqm ², Moreover, our low frequency inverters,solar inverters and solar systems have obtained multiple patent certificates and quality assurance system certifications, such as CE, IEC, TUV, TLC, CCC, and ISO9001: 2015. Moreover, our inverter production can reach 10000 units per month, and the annual export of solar inverters and solar systems can reach 80% of the total turnover.

We produce and design solar system products including inverters, solar panels, solar controllers, batteries, solar panel holders, cables, and so on.
Our low frequency inverters all support OEM/ODM, and we can customize special low frequency inverters according to customer requirements, including voltage, power, appearance design, and other special technical parameters. And we can provide drawing design and free configuration plans, welcome to consult!


factory of inverter dc 12v to ac 220v

power inverter 12v to 110v 120v - inverter 24v to 110v 120v 240v



Power Inverter FAQ


1. How to turn low frequency power inverter dc to ac?

When the photovoltaic array transfers DC power to the low frequency power inverter, DC power quickly transfers energy back and forth through the internal devices of the low frequency power inverter. In this process, the low frequency power inverter forces the direct current to constantly change direction, generating alternating current.


2. Are low frequency power inverters better?

Whether to use a low frequency power inverter depends on the specific usage! The low frequency power inverter has high load capacity and can operate quietly and efficiently. Low frequency power inverters have a long life under extreme environmental conditions!


3. How do I source low frequency power inverters from China?

China Xindun Power's low frequency power inverters serve global customers. If you want to purchase high-quality, up-to-date versions of low frequency power inverters, you can contact our sales experts online, and they will provide you with the appropriate inverter procurement plan!

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