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off grid solar kits with lithium batteries
off grid solar kits with lithium batteries
complete off grid solar kit
kit solar off grid
off grid kit
off grid solar kits with batteries

SESS-PROT Complete Off Grid Solar Kits with Lithium Batteries 1000W-7200W

Xindun kit solar off grid has undergone hundreds of practical applications, purchasing a complete off grid solar kit with batteries/inverter/solar panels, saves you procurement time and cost, installation and maintenance all duties to one company.

Type : Off Grid Solar Kits

Power : 1000W-7200W

Input Voltage : DC 12V/24V/48V

Output Voltage : AC 220V/230V/240V

Brand : Xindun Power (Factory)

Original : China

Service : Customized Solutions, Cost Calculation, Installation Guidance, Maintenance, Product Training

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Complete Off Grid Solar Kits with Batteries - Xindun China

The complete off grid solar kit is a new energy supply system consisting of solar panels, solar controller, solar inverter charger, and lithium batteries. As an off grid solar kit, it can play a powerful role in different indoor places, such as the home, RV, office, school, hospital, etc.

The solar panel is an important part of this solar kit, which is made of high-efficiency silicon solar panels, with higher conversion rate and more stable performance. Under the sunlight, these plates can automatically obtain electricity, conduct it to the lithium batteries and store it.

Lithium battery is an important energy storage device in this solar kit. It has higher energy density and longer life, and can support more charging cycles at the same time, providing users with a stable and reliable power supply.

The solar inverter converts the DC power stored in the lithium batteries into AC power and supplies it to the appliance. The solar controller can intelligently manage the entire solar kit to ensure its stable operation.

The off grid solar kit is an energy device with high use value. It can be used not only indoors, but also in places without power sources such as remote mountains and grasslands to enrich and meet the needs of daily power consumption. It is an environmentally friendly And practical energy products.

Complete Off Grid Solar Kits with Batteries



Complete Off Grid Solar Kit Equipment List


Model SESS-PROT 1000W 12V SESS-PROT 1500W 24V SESS-PROT 3200W 24V SESS-PROT 5000W 48V SESS-PROT 7200W 48V
330W Solar Panel 2 Pieces 3 Pieces 6 Pieces 9 Pieces 15 Pieces
Combine box without without without without 3 in 1 out 1 pieces
Off Grid Inverter 1000w 12v with 80A mppt 1500w 24v with 60A mppt 3200w 24v with 100A mppt 5000w 48v with 100A mppt 7200w 48v 150A mppt
12V 200AH Lithium battery 1 Piece 2 Pieces 2 Pieces 4 Pieces 4 Pieces
PV Cable 100 Meters 100 Meters 100 Meters 200 Meters 300 Meters
Battery Cable 1 paris (16mm2) 1 paris (16mm2) 1 paris (16mm2) 3 paris (25mm2) 3 pairs (25mm2)
MC4 Connector 2 Pairs 2 Pairs 3 Pairs 4 Pairs 4 Pairs
Mounting System 1 set 2 sets 3 sets 6 sets 9 sets



Off Grid Solar Kit Components


Solar Inverter with MPPT
1. Off grid solar inverter with built-in mppt controller
2. Pure sine wave, high frequency, high efficiency>94%
3. Compatible with lithium batteries and gel batteries
4. Inverter can work without batteries
5. WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring optional
6. Solar/AC charger in one

off grid solar kits with inverter

off grid solar kits with lithium batteries

Lithium Batteries
1. High safety level of lithium lifepo4 battery cell
2. Popular battery energy: 4kwh, 5kwh, 6kwh
3. Long life cycle time >6000cycles
4. Advanced BMS protection functionality
5. Installation: Floor/Wall mounted
6. Monitor and optimize by smartphone app
Solar Panels
1. Monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels optional
2. Front Glass: 3.2mm, Anti Reflection Coaring, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass
3. Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
4. Warranty: 25-years performance warranty

off grid solar kits with solar panel

off grid solar kits with mounting system

Solar Mounting System
1. Aluminum Alloy 6005-T5
2. Fasteners Material SUS304
3. Easy Installation, the installation angle can be adjusted according to the demand
4. Can Be used in different forms,Tin Roofs,Flat Roofs
5. 10 Years Warranty, Over 25 Years Service Life
Solar Accessories
1. Complete accessories including pv cable, battery cable, mc4 connector, combiner box
2. Additional installation kit (if required)
3. Perfectly match for solar kits

off grid solar kits with solar accessories



Complete Off Grid Solar Kit Wiring Diagram


kit solar off grid wiring diagram


Contact me for customized off grid solar kit solutions and wiring method.



Off Grid Solar Kit Installation & Application


kit solar off grid installation application


We also have countless complete off grid solar kits installation pictures and videos, if you are interested, feel free to contact me.



Complete Off Grid Solar Kit Company


When you're choosing a solar kit company, would you care if this supplier has competitive price, excellent customer service, rich industry experience, a strong warranty, a track record of successful installations and positive customer reviews? If yes, congratulations, you have found the most suitable solar kit company for you, that is XINDUN POWER - a china company committed to the complete off grid solar kits with lithium batteries. The source manufacturer, no middlemen to earn the price difference, and has been deeply involved in the solar field for nearly 18 years. It has established after-sales service centers in West Africa, East Africa, West Asia, and Southeast Asia, and is planning to open after-sales service centers in South Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. We have sold nearly 10,000 complete off grid solar kits with batteries to the world so far. The suitable solar solutions, affordable prices, convenient installation, and considerate services have won high praise from customers.


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off grid solar kits with solar inverter - xindun factory


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off grid solar kits with batteries - xindun factory


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off grid solar kits with solar panels - xindun factory


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kit solar off grid delivery transportation


▼ Third-Party Certification Report


kit solar off grid certification


▼ Xindun Service Team and Global Customers


kit solar off grid - xindun china


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