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Solar System Kits
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off grid solar system kit
off grid solar system kit
solar system off grid kit
1000w 3000w 5000w solar system
off grid solar panel kits
solar panel system kit

SESS-DP Off Grid Solar Panel System Kits 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W

Xindun solar system off grid kit has undergone hundreds of practical applications, purchasing a whole set solar panel system kit with batteries/inverter, saves you procurement time and cost, installation and maintenance all duties to one company.

Type : Off Grid Solar System Kit

Power : 1000W-7000W

Input Voltage : DC 12V/24V/48V

Output Voltage : AC 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V

Brand : Xindun Power (Factory)

Original : China

Service : Customized Solutions, Cost Calculation, Installation Guidance, Maintenance, Product Training

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1000W 3000W 5000W Off Grid Solar Panel System Kit


Xindun's new off grid solar panel system kit is your ideal choice for achieving efficient power generation, energy conservation, and environmental protection. It includes 1000w solar system, 2000w solar system, 3000w solar syste, 4000w solar system, 5000w solar system, 6000w solar system, and 7000w solar system, which can meet your different electricity needs. Whether it's home use, commercial use, agricultural irrigation, or outdoor camping, this solar panel system kit can provide you with sufficient energy reserves.

This solar system kit has been tested and used thousands of times in the market and different application locations, and can work in sufficient or weak sunlight, bringing a more stable energy supply. It can also work without a power grid and ensure that you are n o longer constrained by energy supply. At the same time, this solar system kit is also extremely easy to install and does not require special skills or hiring professionals, making it easy for you to build your own off grid solar panel kits.

Let the new off grid solar panel kit bring you the convenience of fully enjoying sufficient electricity. Quickly contact Xindun for options, procurement, and more technical advice on solar system off grid kit.


off grid solar panel kits - xindun china



Solar Panel System Kit Equipment List


Model SESS-DP 1000 SESS-DP 2000 SESS-DP 3000 SESS-DP 4000 SESS-DP 5000 SESS-DP 6000
Solar Panel 2 Pieces 320W 4 Pieces 320W  6 Pieces 430W  8 Pieces 390W  8 Pieces 430W 10 Pieces 430W
PV combiner box Without 2 input 1 output  3 input 1 output  4 input 1 output  4 input 1 output  5 input 1 output 
Off Grid Inverter 1000W/24V with 30A MPPT 2000W/24V with 50A MPPT  3000W/48V with 50A MPPT 4000W/48V with 60A MPPT 5000W/48V with 80A MPPT 6000W/48V with 80A MPPT
GEL Battery 12V 2 pcs 150AH 2 pcs 200AH 4 pcs 200AH 4 pcs 250AH 4 pcs 250AH 8 pcs 200AH
PV Cable 100 Meters 100 Meters 100 Meters 200 Meters 200 Meters 200 Meters
Battery Cable 2 sets 2 sets 4 sets  4 sets  4 sets  8 sets 
MC4 Connector 1 Pairs 1 Pairs 3 Pairs 4 Pairs 4 Pairs 5 Pairs
Mounting System Ground or Roof ( Customized Optional )



Solar Panel System Kits Components


Solar Inverter
1. Off grid solar inverter with built-in mppt solar controller
2. Pure sine wave inverter, low frequency with toroidal transformer
3. Solar/AC charger in one
4. Can be equiped with an optional external LCD to remotely turn on the inverter with one click
4. WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring optional

off grid solar panel kits with solar inverter

off grid solar panel kits with solar batteries

Lithium Battery
1. High safety level of lithium lifepo4 battery cell
2. Long life cycle time >6000cycles
3. Advanced BMS protection functionality
4. Installation: Floor/Wall mounted

Gel Battery
1. High thermal stability and resistance to overcharging and discharging
2. The deep discharge cycle life is increased 50%
3. Gel battery have better safety

Solar Panels
1. Monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels optional
2. Front Glass: 3.2mm, Anti Reflection Coaring, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass
3. Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
4. Warranty: 25-years performance warranty

off grid solar panel kits

off grid solar panel kits with mounting system

Solar Mounting System
1. Aluminum Alloy 6005-T5
2. Fasteners Material SUS304
3. Easy Installation, the installation angle can be adjusted according to the demand
4. Can Be used in different forms,Tin Roofs,Flat Roofs
5. 10 Years Warranty, Over 25 Years Service Life
Solar Accessories
1. Complete accessories including pv cable, battery cable, mc4 connector, combiner box
2. Additional installation kit (if required)
3. Perfectly match for solar system kits

off grid solar panel kits with solar accessories




Off Grid Solar Panel System Kit Wiring Diagram


solar panel system kit wiring diagram


Contact me for customized off grid solar panel kits solutions and wiring method.



Off Grid Solar Panel System Kit Installation & Application


solar panel system kit installation application


We also have lots of off grid solar panel kits application photos and videos, if you are interested, feel free to contact me.



Solar Panel System Kit Manufacturer


At our solar system kit company, we understand that choosing the right off grid solar system kit manufacturer is crucial to ensuring your satisfaction and life. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of solar solutions to meet your specific needs, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, and solar mounting systems. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and support, and we stand behind our products with a comprehensive warranty. Let us help you make the switch to solar panel system kit today and experience the benefits of clean, reliable energy!


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