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lithium battery lifepo4
lithium battery lifepo4
wall mounted lithium battery
lifepo4 powerwall
powerwall lifepo4

Wall Mounted Home Lithium Battery Lifepo4 Powerwall

Lithium battery lifepo4 wall mounted and powerwall design, Storage Energy 3584Wh 5120Wh 9523Wh 51.2V, used for solar power system / ups system / home energy storage system.

BMS : lntegrated battery management system (BMS)

LIFE : Ultra-long cycle life, 6000 cycles for effectively lower total of ownership cost

Installation : Wall mounted & compact design, lightweight, maintenance-free

Temperature : Wider temperature range -20°C~65°C

Design : Flexibility Module Design, accept OEM

Communication : RS485, CAN communication port optional

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Wall Mounted Home Lithium Battery Lifepo4 Powerwall


Xindun lithium battery lifepo4 wall mounted design, used together with wall mounted inverter to save installation space. Mainly used for home energy storage, it is the most popular powerwall lithium battery lifepo4 model on the market since 2022. BMS powerful intelligent protection function and activation protection function: voltage detection and protection, automatic short circuit protection, battery charge equalization function, hardware voltage detection function, parallel communication function, historical data storage function, charging currentlimiting function, temperature detection function, current detectionand protection function. In short, this is a good quality lithium battery lifepo4 with stable chemical composition and low maintenance, no fire and no explosive hazard.

Xindun supports customized powerwall lithium battery lifepo4 design and printing of your logo. As the source manufacturer of lithium batteries, we offer you the most affordable price and the most thoughtful service.



Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Datasheet


Model XD-BG3000W XD-BG5000W XD-BG10000W
Basic Parameter
Rated Voltage(V) 51.2 51.2 51.2
Rated Capacity(Ah) 70 100 200
Rated Energy(Wh) 3584 5120 9523
Operation Parameter
Voltage Range(V) 44.8-56 44.8-56 44.8-56
Charge Voltage Range(V) 55.2-56 55.2-56 55.2-56
Cut-off Voltage(V) 44.8 44.8 44.8
Recommend Charge Current(A) 30 50 100
Max Charge Current(A) 60 100 200
Max Discharge Current(A) 60 100 200
Physical Parameter
Dimension:L*W*H(mm) 374*138*530 420*160*580 457*163*760
Weight(kg) 32 51 120
Communication Port RS485,CAN RS485,CAN RS485,CAN
Terminal Plug-in Plug-in Plug-in
Environment Parameter
Humidity(%) 5-95% RH 5-95% RH 5-95% RH
Charge Temperature Range(℃) 0-45 0-45 0-45
Discharge Temperature Range(℃) -20-60 -20-60 -20-60
Storage Temperature Range(℃) -20-45 -20-45 -20-45
Cycle Life >6000 (0.5C@ 25℃,60% DOD) >6000 (0.5C@ 25℃,60% DOD) >6000 (0.5C@ 25℃,60% DOD)
Design Life (Year) 15 15 15



Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Packaging

lifepo4 powerwall packaging



Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Application


Wall mounted lithium battery lifepo4 storage system is basically designed for home energy storage system, mainly install indoor. The battery can be charged by solar enery and power grid, the stored energy can be supplied to home appliances. Scope of application: home, hospital, bank data center, school, enterprise energy storage backup power supply, wind complementary system, office, military, base station and other uninterrupted energy storage power supply.


powerwall lifepo4 application



Home Lithium Battery Installation


Xindun wall mounted lithium battery lifepo4 is mostly combined with inverters to form a home solar energy storage system. Xindun has been deeply involved in this industry for more than 10 years, accumulating a large number of global customers and solar energy storage system related cases. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at any time.


home lithium battery for solar power system

lithium powerwall installationlithium powerwall installation



Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Manufacturer


Xindun Power is a manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality inverters and lithium batteries, with a production base located in China, which has high labor intensity and efficient productivity. Our lithium batteries use LiFePO4 technology, which has the characteristics of long lifespan, high safety, and high energy density. At the same time, we adopt the most advanced production technology and processes to ensure that the performance and quality of our products reach the highest level. We prioritize quality, reliability, and efficiency, and are committed to providing our customers with the best wall mounted lithium battery energy storage solutions. If you have any requirements for lithium battery products, please feel free to contact us at any time.


powerwall lithium battery manufacturer xindunpowerwall lithium battery manufacturerpowerwall lithium battery manufacturer in china



Wall Mounted Lithium Battery Certification


A good lithium battery lifepo4 can withstand verification by a third-party inspection agency: CE, ROHS, UN38.3, etc. Xindun Company has obtained ISO9001:2018 Quality Management System Certification, ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, and ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification. Compliant production, qualified products, you can choose with confidence.


lithium battery powerwall certification



Xindun Service Team & Our Customers


Xindun enjoys face-to-face communication with customers. We participate in domestic and international solar energy exhibitions and energy storage exhibitions every year, and we also welcome distributors and traders to come to China and visit our factories


lithium battery powerwall company - xindun power


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