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Hybrid Inverter
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hybrid inverter for sale
hybrid inverter for sale
smart hybrid inverter
5kva hybrid inverter
3kva hybrid inverter
5kva hybrid inverter circuit board
3kva hybrid inverter packaging

HP PRO-T Smart Hybrid Inverter for Sale 1Kva 1.5Kva 2Kva 3Kva 5Kva 7Kva 8Kva

Input Voltage: 12/24/48VDC | Output Voltage: 220/230/240VAC±2% | Solar Charging: MPPT | Max PV Open Circuit Voltage: 120/500VDC

1 : High-frequency off grid hybrid inverter pure sine wave, inverter efficiency ≥ 94%.

2 : Hybrid inverter with built-in mppt can work without battery.

3 : AC charging current 0-80A optional.

4 : Inverter can communicate with lithium battery.

5 : User can configurable output voltage and frequency.

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3kva 5kva hybrid inverter price - smart hybrid inverter for sale



Smart Hybrid Inverter For Sale


1Kva 1.5Kva 2Kva 3Kva 5Kva 7Kva hybrid inverter 12V/24V/48V DC to 220V/230V/240V AC. Special voltage and power can be customized. Can print your trademark on the inverter.


5kva hybrid inverter



Smart Hybrid Inverter Characteristic


Xindun Power created this cutting-edge smart hybrid inverter. This integrated inverter combines dc-ac and mppt solar controller, design is highly well-liked because of its portable and effective features. All of our smart hybrid inverters have excellent pure sine wave outputs that can support a variety of loads and deliver dependable, clean energy !
The HP PRO-T smart hybrid inverter supports solar, AC, and generator inputs, and stabilizes the output of AC power. And our off grid hybrid inverters can operate with or without batteries.
Smart hybrid inverter adopts high-frequency conversion technology and magnetic core materials with reduced no-load loss, increased efficiency, and small size and weight. High-frequency smart hybrid inverter typically have peak conversion efficiencies of above 90%. 
Please check the following sales points of Xindun hybrid inverter:


3kva hybrid inverter efficiency5kva hybrid inverter wifi

3kva hybrid inverter built-in mppt can work with or without battery5kva hybrid inverter has wide pv input voltage3kva hybrid inverter with lithium  battery gel battery



Smart Hybrid Inverter Wiring Diagram


3kva 5kva hybrid inverter wiring diagram



Smart Hybrid Inverter Datasheet


Hybrid Inverter Specification
Model: HP pro-T 10212 15224 20224 32224L 32224 50248L 50248 72248
Rated Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3200W 3200W 5000W 5000W 7200W
Peak Power(20ms) 3000VA 4.5KVA 6KVA 9.6KVA 9.6KVA 15KVA 15KVA 21.6KVA
Battery Voltage 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC
Product Size(L*W*Hmm) 355x272x91.5 400x315x101.5 440x342x101.5 525x355x115
Package Size(L*W*Hmm) 443x350x187 488x393x198 528x420x198 615x435x210
N.W(Kg) 6.5 8.5 10 14
G.W(Kg) 7.5 9.5 11 15.5
Installation Method Wall-Mounted
PV Charging Mode MPPT
MPPT tracking voltage range 15V-80VDC 30V-100VDC 120V-450VDC 60V-140VDC 120V-450VDC
Rated (recommended) operating voltage of PV array 15V-30VDC 30V-60VDC 360VDC 60V-90VDC 360VDC
Max PV Input Voltage Voc
(At the lowest temperature)
120VDC 500VDC 180VDC 500VDC
PV Array Maximum Power 840W 1680W 4000W 3360W 6000W 4000Wx2
MPPT tracking channels (input channels) 1 2
Input DC Input Voltage Range 10.5-15VDC 21VDC-30VDC 42VDC-60VDC
Rated AC input voltage 220VAC  / 230VAC  / 240VAC
AC Input Voltage Range 170VAC~280VAC (UPS mode)/ 120VAC~280VAC(INV mode)
AC Input Frequency Range 45Hz~55Hz(50Hz),55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
Output Output efficiency(Battery/PV Mode) 94%(Peak value)
Output Voltage(Battery/PV Mode) 220VAC±2%  / 230VAC±2%  / 240VAC±2%
Output Frequency(Battery/PV Mode) 50Hz±0.5 or 60Hz±0.5
Output Wave(Battery/PV Mode) Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency(AC Mode) >99%
Output Voltage(AC Mode) Follow input
Output Frequency(AC Mode) Follow input
Output waveform distortion
Battery/PV Mode)
≤3%(Linear load)
No load loss(Battery Mode) ≤1% rated power
No load loss(AC Mode) ≤0.5% rated power(charger does not work in AC mode)
Battery  Battery
VRLA Battery Charge Voltage :13.8V; Float Voltage:13.7V(Single battery voltage)
Customize battery Charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be customized according to user requirements
(charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be set through the operation panel)
Maximum charging current (mains + PV) 120A 100A 110A 120A 100A 120A 100A 150A
Max PV Charging Current 60A 60A 60A 60A 100A 60A 100A 150A
Max AC Charging Current 60A 40A 50A 60A 60A 60A 60A 80A
Charging method Three-stage (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
Protection Battery low voltage alarm Battery undervoltage protection value+0.5V(Single battery voltage)
Battery low voltage protection Factory default: 10.5V(Single battery voltage)
Battery over voltage alarm Constant charge voltage+0.8V(Single battery voltage)
Battery over voltage protection Factory default: 17V(Single battery voltage)
Battery over voltage recovery voltage Battery overvoltage protection value-1V(Single battery voltage)
Overload power protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Inverter output short circuit protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Temperature protection >90°C(Shut down output)
Working Mode Mains priority/PV priority/Battery priority(Can be set)
Transfer Time ≤10ms
Display LCD+LED
Thermal method Cooling fan in intelligent control
Communication(Optional) RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
Environment Operating temperature -10℃~40℃
Storage temperature -15℃~60℃
Noise ≤55dB 
Elevation 2000m(More than derating)
Humidity 0%~95% (No condensation)
Note: 1. Model of 10212/15224/20224/32224L/50248L only support mains priority mode and battery priority mode, PV priority work mode is not supported.
              2. All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice.



Smart Hybrid Inverter Installation


3kva 5kva hybrid inverter application



Smart Hybrid Inverter Packaging and Shipping


You can conduct online quality inspections of Xindun Power's hybrid inverters while they are being produced. Following meticulous production methods, our hybrid inverters are securely packaged and transported. In order to send our inverters to you securely and undamaged, we opt for a quick, inexpensive, and safe delivery option. To guarantee that you can correctly install and operate smart hybrid inverters, we will also provide installation drawings and technical advice.


5kva 3kva hybrid inverter packaging


Smart Hybrid Inverter Brand


Xindun is one of the most famous inverter brands in China. We have spread to employ more than 280 people since the company was founded in 2006. This total includes more than 30 senior engineers in R&D and design, more than 100 factory makers, more than 80 sales and promotion staff, and more than 30 after-sales technical service members. To ensure an adequate supply of pure sine wave hybrid inverters, more than 10 worldwide warehouses have been constructed. Also, our hybrid inverters and off-grid solar system have been marketed and promoted in more than 80 countries and regions. 


Smart Hybrid Inverter Brand



Smart Hybrid Inverter Producer


Xindun Power is a famous Chinese producer in the solar energy business. The factory covers an area of over 10000 square meters. We never require employees to work overtime, but we can produce 10000 inverters per month. We export solar energy systems and pure sine wave hybrid inverters, accounting for 90% of our annual revenue. This figure is sufficient to demonstrate our focus on inverters. We manufacture and create a variety of products, including solar panels, solar controllers, inverters, batteries and hybrid solar system.

All of our top-notch smart hybrid inverters are accept OEM/ODM, and we are able to design special inverters that precisely match the voltage, power, stylistic preferences, and other specialized technical requirements of customers. Also, we could provide inverter design and installation drawings for free. 

Factory direct supply, hybrid inverter price is more competitive for dealers. Kindly consult !


Smart Hybrid Inverter Producer



Smart Hybrid Inverter Working Process


3kva 5kva hybrid inverter working process



Certified Smart Hybrid Inverter


Xindun's hybrid inverters have CE certification and third-party testing reports. As long as you have a certain minimum order quantity, we can also provide you with various other product certifications. We absolutely believe in the quality of our products.


5kva 3kva hybrid inverter for sale



International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition


Xindun showcases our cutting-edge inverters and other solar products at global solar events almost every year, such as solar photovoltaic exhibitions in the Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Colombia, and so on. This attracted many customers, who discussed inverter technology and ultimately signed a cooperation agreement.

Welcome to the greatest inverter distributor program from Xindun Power.


xindun 5kva 3kva hybrid inverter for sale



Regarding Customer Opinions


We will track the sales situation of each dealer and provide timely marketing advice and support. We will also listen to the use effects of end users, and timely optimize and adjust Xindun's products and services.


5kva 3kva hybrid inverter review3kva 5kva hybrid inverter review


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HP PRO-T Inverter User Manual
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