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5Kw Solar System With Battery Backup
5Kw Solar System With Battery Backup
5000 watt solar system
1000 watt solar system
2000 watt solar system
3000 watt solar system
6000 watt solar system

SESS-DA Solar System With Battery Backup 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Watt

Xindun solar system has undergone hundreds of practical applications, purchasing a full solar system with battery backup/inverter/controller/solar panels, saves you purchase time and cost, installation & maintenance all duties to one company.

Type : Off Grid Solar System

Power : 1000 Watt - 6000 Watt

Input Voltage : DC 12/24/48 Volt

Output Voltage : AC 110/120/220/230/240 Volt

Brand : Xindun Power (Factory)

Original : China

Service : Customized Solutions, Cost Calculation, Installation Guidance, Maintenance, Product Training

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1000 Watt 2000 Watt 3000 Watt 5000 Watt  6000 Watt Solar System With Battery Backup


There are several reasons for using a solar system with battery backup :
1. In some regions around the world, such as Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia, they are still suffering from power shortages, but these regions have abundant solar energy resources. Using solar system is the most efficient and economical method. 
2. Places such as mountains, islands, irrigation, and RVs cannot reach the city's power grid, and a small solar station independent of the power grid needs to be built.
3. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people are more inclined towards energy-saving and low-carbon green living. Therefore, solar systems are the most mature and common new energy sources today.

XINDUN POWER offers a variety of solar systems with battery backup, including 1000 watt solar system, 2000 watt solar system, 3000 watt solar system, 5000 watt solar system, and 6000 watt solar system. Even during power outages or at night, our solar system with battery backup can provide you with uninterrupted power. This type of solar system is usually suitable for residential or agricultural needs with all sizes, allowing you not only to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, but also to no longer be afraid of power outages. These solar systems use high-quality solar panels, batteries, inverters, and other components, with stable and consistent performance, which can help you save on electricity bills.

If you are looking for an economical, environmentally friendly, and efficient solution, a solar system is the best choice. XINDUN POWER has years of experience in solar system with battery backup design and manufacturing, providing you with high-quality and comprehensive services to ensure the continuous operation of your solar system. Now, you can confidently choose the solar  products we offer, enjoy the advantages of solar energy, and make your own contribution to protecting the environment.


5Kw Solar System With Battery Backup - Xindun China



Solar System Equipment List


Model SESS-DA 1000 SESS-DA 2000 SESS-DA 3000 SESS-DA 4000 SESS-DA 5000 SESS-DA 6000
Solar Panel 2 Pieces 320W 4 pieces 320W  6 Pieces 430W  8 Pieces 390W  8 Pieces 430W 10 Pieces 430W
PV combiner box Without 2 input 1 output  3 input 1 output  4 input 1 output  4 input 1 output  5 input 1 output 
MPPT controller  24V 30A 24V 50A 48V 50A  48V 60A 48V 80A  48V 80A
Off Grid Inverter 1000W 24V 2000W 24V 3000W 48V 4000W 48V 5000W 48V 6000W 48V
GEL Battery 12 V 2pcs Piece 150AH 2pcs 200AH  4 Pieces 200AH 4pcs 250AH  4 Pieces 250AH  8 Pieces 200AH
PV Cable 100 Meters 100 Meters 100 Meters 200 Meters 200 Meters 200 Meters
Battery Cable 2 sets 2 sets 4 sets  4 sets  4 sets  8 sets 
MC4 Connector 1 Pairs 1 Pairs 3 Pairs 4 Pairs 4 Pairs 5 Pairs
Mounting System Ground or Roof ( Customized Optional )



Solar System Components


Solar Inverter
1. Pure sine wave, low frequency with EI transformer
2. Plug and play design
3. Compatible with lithium battery and gel battery
4. WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring optional
5. Solar/AC charger in one

5Kw Solar System With Inverter

5Kw Solar System With Solar Charge Controller

Solar Controller
1. MPPT solar controller with higher generation efficiency
2. 12V/24V/48V voltage automatic identification
3. Compatible with lithium batteries and gel batteries
4. RS485/WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring optional

Lithium Battery
1. High safety level of lithium lifepo4 battery cell
2. Long life cycle time >6000cycles
3. Advanced BMS protection functionality
4. Installation: Floor/Wall mounted

Gel Battery
1. High thermal stability and resistance to overcharging and discharging
2. The deep discharge cycle life is increased 50%
3. Gel battery have better safety

5Kw Solar System With Battery Backup
5Kw Solar System With Solar Panels

Solar Panels
1. Monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels optional
2. Front Glass: 3.2mm, Anti Reflection Coaring, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass
3. Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
4. Warranty: 25-years performance warranty

Solar Mounting System
1. Aluminum Alloy 6005-T5
2. Fasteners Material SUS304
3. Easy Installation, the installation angle can be adjusted according to the demand
4. Can Be used in different forms,Tin Roofs,Flat Roofs
5. 10 Years Warranty, Over 25 Years Service Life

5Kw Solar System With Solar Mounting System
5Kw Solar System With Installation Kit

Solar Accessories
1. Complete accessories including pv cable, battery cable, mc4 connector, combiner box
2. Additional installation kit (if required)
3. Perfectly match for solar system



Solar System With Battery Backup Wiring Diagram


5000 watt solar system wiring diagram


Contact me for customized solar system with battery backup solutions and wiring method.



Solar System With Battery Backup Installation & Application


1000 watt solar system installation application


We also have many solar system installation and application photos and videos, Contact me to get the case in your country.



Solar System Manufacturer


With our solar system with battery backup, you can enjoy long-term savings, reduce your energy costs, and make a positive impact on the environment. Our high-quality solar panels, solar inverters, batteries, and solar mounting systems are designed to maximize efficiency and reliability, providing you with clean, reliable power for years to come. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service and support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to installation and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our solar solutions and receive a customized quote. Now Xindun China is looking for solar system installers and maintenance personnel all over the world, become the agent of Xindun, and get a more favorable price than the market.


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5000 watt solar system with battery backup manufacturer china


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3000 watt solar system manufacturer china


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6000 watt solar system manufacturer china


▼ Third-Party Certification Report


6000 watt solar system certification report


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solar system with battery backup - xindun power


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